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Getting back to the gym? Learn how to do it right.

Gyms are reopening in Tallahassee and all over Florida and with many of us itching to get back in and get rid of our pandemic potbelly it might be tempting to return full speed where we left off back in mid March. While some might get away with that, it is also the quickest way to find yourself back on the DL. So, what should you do? Well, that depends on if you’ve been exercising while away from the gym. If you have been doing your usual HIIT , crossfit, or exercise routine at the same intensity-they you can probably get back to the gym with very few modifications. If, however, you have not been able to keep up the routine at home, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

When starting back-

Plan on roughly a 6-8 week transition period back to full speed.

Start back at roughly 50% of where you left off. This will help lower your chances of excessive muscle breakdown and illness from it.

If you have recovered from the Covid-19 virus you might want to get a physical especially if you have a history of heart disease as some complications are being seen with exercise.

Plan for a longer warm-up and cool-down(at least 10 minutes)

Consider using bar catches or drop sets instead of having a spotter for social distancing

If you are doing high intensity interval training(HIIT) or sprint work-during the first week back use at least a 1:4 work to rest ratio(i.e. If I’m sprinting 20 seconds then I need at least 80 seconds of rest before the next sprint)

That can be progressed to a 1:3 rest to work ratio during week 2

Prepare for heat and replace water weight loss.

If you are in doubt of your ability to get back to the gym safely then make sure you reach out to your Doctor.

Worried about a fitness injury or stiffness and you are in Florida or Georgia contact us to take advantage of our no cost injury risk assessment. Already in pain? We offer no cost telehealth or in person Physiotherapy consults where we identify the likely cause of your pain while also making sure you get your personal questions answered from a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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