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Neck Pain

How to put an end to neck pain and headaches-without  surgery, dangerous painkillers, or having to go to months and months of treatments just to

make it through the day


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5 Things You can do Today to ease Neck Pain & Headaches

Learn how to start treating it while avoiding the doctor's office & without painkillers or dangerous neck surgery

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If you have neck pain, stiffness, or headaches, it's very tempting to think that it will go away on its own. You might want to pass it off as having just "slept awkwardly," or tell yourself it's just a little pain that everyone your age suffers from(especially since 87% of people with no neck pain have changes on MRI or Xray).

There's no obvious reason why it happened—but it doesn't seem to be going away!

If that's happening to you, you're not alone: we hear this type of thing all the time. In fact, neck pain, stiffness, and headaches  are a very common problem that we see at Body Mechanix Physiotherapy and Fitness

And when it comes to living with neck pain or headaches, everybody we see wants to know:

"Why is this happening to me" or

"Why am I still Suffering from Neck Pain after

Putting up with it for 6 months(or more)"

Most people hope that they will wake up one morning and their neck pain will disappear "like magic" just like it never happened...but it doesn't and the longer people wait, the worse their suffering becomes

Sound like you?

Another thing we commonly see all the time is that the Doctor told them to rest for at least 6 weeks, "try these painkillers" and "see how it goes". But, this is rarely the best advice. More often, after 6 weeks of resting, they go back to their doctor, no better, and need more and  stronger painkillers(or worse)

just to get through the day.

Maybe you think your neck pain was caused by doing something—like lifting or sleeping wrong—but it was ACTUALLY caused by decades of poor posture, which caused the muscles in your neck to weaken. The lifting or the awkward sleeping position could be a SIDE EFFECT of that! Do you want your doctor treating the effects, or do you want to get to the root CAUSE of your problem so you can PREVENT it from happening again and again?

If you are currently living with Neck Pain or headaches, here are 

7 Reasons why Neck Pain lasts Longer than it Should

1. You thought the pain would go away on its own, but it doesn't
2. You went to the doctor, who prescribed you some painkillers and told you to rest, but the pills just masked the problem and once they wore off, the chronic pain returned.
3. A friend or relative told you that everybody gets neck pain when they get older, so you just accepted it.
4. You've tried other providers including chiropractors and other physical therapists but the pain kept coming back and nothing worked. 
5. You tried exercises you saw on YouTube but they only made things worse.
6. You tried resting but your neck only got worse once you tried being active again.
7. You got a few massages that felt good but didn't do anything to fix the issue long term.

If any of these things have happened to you, we would love to invite you to one of our FREE CONSULTATIONS, the Total Body Diagnostic Test where one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy can answer any questions you may have, take you through a series of movements that help determine the cause of your pain, and then help you make a more informed decision on the best course of action for you(and it may not be physical therapy). The fact that you may have tried several or all of the things above is actually a good thing! When you know what DOESN'T work, you are closer to finding the thing that does. 

Would you like to talk to a therapist before scheduling a consultation? Book your complimentary telephone consultation by clicking on the button below(will take you to a page where you can schedule your call).

4 Things you can do Today to

Quickly get rid of Neck Pain or Headaches 

1. Make a decision to get help. Most people wait for weeks, months, and even years before trying to get help and often it leads to more time spent away from work, recreation, and enjoying time with family
2. Do the right exercises. We treat back pain by finding the right exercises to not only begin to turn off the pain but to help you rebuild your strength and ultimately get back to doing what you love.
3. Avoid sitting for long periods of time if you are able, especially if your pain is worse in the morning or after sitting and is one of the worst things you can do for your neck. Remember, the best position is the next position. 
4. Get real hands-on Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy, especially hands on manual physiotherapy is proven to help people with back pain. In fact, it is one of our specialties. If neck pain or headaches are holding you back from doing the things you love, being able to focus at work, or limiting you when spending time with family, physiotherapy can help you get back to the active life you deserve. 

So, how can choosing a Physiotherapist at  Body Mechanix Physiotherapy and Fitness help you quickly get rid of neck pain or headaches and doing the things you love?

We can quickly take away the pain and stiffness-and teach you how to do it at home

We can help you find what is really going on and get to the root cause of your neck pain or headaches

We can help get you sleeping well again without all the tossing and turning just to find a comfortable position,  and with more energy each day

We can help you put an end to you having to rely on pain medicine to make it through the day

We can help you avoid dangerous spinal surgery or painful injections

We can help you get back to enjoying time with friends

We can help you get back out on the golf course, tennis court, or running pain free

We can help you sit more comfortably and be able to simply look over your shoulder in traffic without it being agony to check your blind spot on the road. 

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