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Hip Pain

Hip and SI Joint Pain

There are many ways that pain in the hip or sacroiliac joint (SI joint) can happen. It has many names such as hip and gluteal bursitis, piriformis syndrome, pain from an anterior tilted pelvis or posterior tilted pelvis, arthritis, or Femoral acetabular impingement(FAI) syndrome. In many cases, where you are feeling the pain is actually coming from somewhere else and this is nowhere more true than in the hip and SI joint. Many treatments directed at the area of pain are really only putting a band-aid on the pain and not treating the source of pain. Additionally, many cases of weakness are really the body protecting an area that may need mobility and areas where you are stiff are really needing strength or treatment elsewhere. Unfortunately, the pain can linger months and years after healing has happened. Often rest calms things down but it does not fix what caused the pain in the first place and the moment you want to be active again, the pain returns. This happens, usually, because your body has not been prepared to meet the challenges that caused the injury in the first place and as a result, many give up the activities that they love just so they can stay comfortable.