The knee is often the victim of the joints above and below. Weakness at the hip can show up as IT band pain, kneecap pain, or pain just below the inside of the knee. Ankle stiffness can often show up as knee pain during running, squats, or lunges.

Did you know?

For a meniscus injury, Physical Therapy gets the same if not better results than surgery?

Even with "Bone on Bone" X-rays, only 50% of people with those results will have any pain.

In fact, many high level athletes have the same scan but are able to perform at the highest levels.

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6 Steps to Pain Free Knees

This FREE e-book is for active adults 25+(or those wanting to be active)  but now, going up and down stairs is agony(or even just uncomfortable), they're anxious that they'll make it worse if they run or go to the gym, not sure which exercises help or which ones hurt, and who want an alternative to shots, surgery, or dangerous painkillers.



Do you have questions that you want answered? You may be on the start of your journey to feeling better and just want somebody to take some time and walk you through the process or maybe you just need a bit more info so you can feel like you're making the best decision for you. If so, please take advantage of the completely free telephone consult where a Doctor of Physical Therapy will answer your personal questions.


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