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Concerned about losing 

your mobility and independence

at the hands of back pain?

What is back pain stealing from you?

A good night's rest? Enjoying time with your spouse or kids?

Are you worried about losing your independence?

Have you been told to rest and it will get better...but it never does?

Are you only being offered shots, surgery, or dangerous painkillers that only mask the problem?

have you tried other solutions with no success?


Low Back


40% of people with NO back pain will have disk bulges on MRI. What they don't tell you is that disks heal but...we can often be in pain long after it has healed.

In fact, many things found on an X-Ray or MRI are just our "wrinkles on the inside". Even better news is that  there are many things that will help you feel better even with those findings on your MRI. Schedule your Sciatica and Low Back Pain Relief Consult below.

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9 Ways to beat low back pain


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