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BFR Training

Save and Build Muscle Even when Injured

Train at a high intensity while sparing your joints and not losing your hard earned fitness

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If you've been injured or been through a surgery, time is muscle. BFR Training lets us begin saving muscle even if you can't exercise and lets you exercise at a weight that is below what would irritate your injury and build muscle(and not scar tissue) and get back to your normal training(running, lifting, golfing) without losing your hard earned muscle while recuperating. 

7 Reasons why Individualized BFR Training is Better at Body Mechanix Physiotherapy

1. You can save and even grow muscle at much lighter loads(less joint irritation)
2. After surgery, muscle begins wasting, BFR stops that and keeps it from being replaced with scar tissue
3. Lets you continue to train and build muscle even when dealing with arthritis, bursitis, or tendinitis without irritation or the excess soreness from lifting heavy.
4. Get the benefits of heavy weight training with less weight including increased growth hormone, stronger tendons and bones, and improved strength 
5. Used by the NBA, NFL, and other professional and collegiate sports programs to get their athletes back playing faster
6. Having better muscle lowers fall risk, improves brittle bones, and improves quality of life. 
7. Our BFR Experts are Specialty Certified in BFR Training and use medical grade cuffs and individualized pressures(no guessing at how tight it has to be)
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