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5 Exercises to start taming sciatica and back pain now

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The main reason people aged 40 + live with low back pain (longer than they should) is often because they've been told to "rest", "take some pills", or accept that it is an "age thing" In this video by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Brandon, teaches you 5 exercises that he would tell his mom to start with if she asked him about relieving back pain. Just below is your guide on how to be on your way to being pain free faster than you ever thought possible. Sign-up just below the video.

This video and book are for the following people:

  • Active adults 25-60(or wanting to be active) but...

  • now bending over is agony

  • walking around Lake Ella once feels like a marathon

  • worried about exercising and making it worse

  • considering shots, surgery, or worried about dangerous painkillers

  • wanting a safe and natural "alternative" that treats the source of the problem and doesn't just mask the symptoms

Get your guide here, "5 things to do today to

Ease sciatica and low back pain"

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