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4 Underused Exercises for Fixing or Preventing Knee Pain

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

In this post, we cover 4 underused but very powerful exercises that treat many of the underlying causes of knee pain including knee pain that happens when running or lifting, knee pain while going up and down stairs, or knee pain when getting up from a chair. Many knee pain issues can be traced back to the joint above or below the knee. In this episode, we'll focus on the joint above the knee, the hip and teach you 3 stability and 1 mobility exercises. These exercises should all be pain free when you do them. If you are experiencing pain, then it is likely too soon for you to do them or you may need qualified medical advice such as from a Physio or PT.

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1 Hip Stabilization Side Planks

The hip stabilization side plank fixes not only the strength of the hip but improves the endurance of one of the main protectors of the knee, the gluteus medius. This has a couple of progressions with the most basic progression laying on your side and keeping your knees on the floor and progressing to being able to hold this side plank with hip opening with just your elbows and feet touching the ground. Performance of this exercise should be pain free(except for the good kind of burn!)

2 Hip Stabilization Lower Reaches

This might just be one of my favorites for treating not only knee pain but it also packs a big punch when dealing with low back pain, sciatica, SI Joint issues as well as plantar fasciitis. Be careful-it does require a massive amount of balance and stability to do. If you do experience knee pain while doing this exercise-you are likely having a form breakdown and should stop and have a qualified medical practitioner like a Physio take a look at your form. This exercise should be mostly pain free.

3 Hip Stabilization Anchored Lunges

Probably my second favorite knee corrective exercise. The anchored lunge helps you retrain the lunge to keep your knee from collapsing towards your other leg while taking the pressure off your kneecap. This also works well if you have knee pain when you go up and down stairs(especially down stairs). Also should be pain free when performing.

4 Hip Flexor Mobility

Our last one focuses on the trailing hip in this stretch and is a commonly tight muscle especially for those who have a desk job or have to sit for extended periods of time.

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