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does going to the gym 


Whether it's knees that bark at you when you squat or shoulders that you can't sleep on after a chest day, there are many ways that not having good form can make you feel worse rather than better after a day in the gym. Often strength problems are stretched and mobility problems have weights thrown at them. Or maybe your form is OK but you have differences on your right side versus your left(a big predictor of injury) but don't know how to fix them let alone have a way of knowing just how to figure it out. If you're like most people, you've had an injury i the past that you are now working around and its not going so well. 

Find out what's

holding you back.


8 point


Discover if your workouts are hurting more than helping and what you can do about it. This Free 9 Point Check-up will look for the hidden things that are holding you back in your workout or even making you more likely to hurt yourself.

This is for active adults 25+(or those looking to get in shape) who want the confidence of knowing that there is nothing lurking in their mobility or stability that will set them back months if not years in their fitness. It takes about 30 minutes and is conducted by Doctor of Physical Therapy and Strength Coach

Dr. Brandon. 


"Dr. Alkire is amazing. I do a very intensive martial art, Capoeira. I've been practicing for 20 years and am 40 years old. Dr. Alkire has been a godsend. He has helped me work through years of injuries and bad physical habits. Things that I thought I'd have to live with, he has helped fix with some basic therapies. As a middle age athlete, I highly recommend him. 10/10 !


I have been working with Brandon for over 10 years starting with getting in shape for my wedding. He has helped me achieve my goals which included beating my marine corps father at America's finest city half marathon, fitness through my pregnancy, getting back in shape after having my son, and knee and back pain. He listens and adapts the sessions to what I need. I highly recommend Brandon for anyone looking to manage pain so you can get out there and achieve your goals whatever they are!


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