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This Free Online Workshop will show you:

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What's really going on when dealing with stiffness and pain

Learn how stiffness and pain are often a result of a problem elsewhere and simple tests to tell which is which.

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3 Simple Strategies to ease stiffness and pain

Get your yoga mat to work these simple yet powerful stretches for healthy knees,

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3 Essential Total Body Strength Moves

These 3 moves pack a powerful punch and don't need any equipment for you to start to feel stronger. 


About your presenter

Brandon Alkire, DPT, CSCS, FMS, Cert. DN

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Strength Coach


Dr. Brandon is the owner and a Physio at Body Mechanix Physiotherapy and Fitness. 4 of his favorite people call him daddy while he's been married to his other favorite person for over 18 years. He enjoys teaching martial arts and is a Mestrando in Capoeira while in the mornings, he can be found working out with the guys in F3 around town.  

He's the author of 4 pain relief guides for neck, low back, shoulder, and knees and the lead contributor to the Active Tallahassee Blog. 

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