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5 Things you can do today to ease low back pain Free E-Book-Download Today

The main reason people aged 25+ live with back pain for way longer than they should is often because they've been told to "rest", "take some medications", or accept that it is an "age thing". In this 3rd edition of his Low Back E-Book, Dr. Brandon lets you know 5 things you can do today to ease low back pain. Along the way, you'll learn what's really going on when you're in pain, he'll bust some common myths(like that there is something out of place or slipped), and help you understand your options to overcome conditions such as sciatica, disc herniation and bulges, or back arthritis and what to do about them.

This book is perfect for anybody age 25-55 who was or wants to be active but now:

Bending over is agony

Walking or running any distance flares the low hack,

Considering shots, surgery, or dangerous painkillers or just wanting a safe and natural "alternative" that treats the source of the problem and not just the symptoms.

Request your copy below

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